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Flexibility with U‑Shaped Cells at Matsushita Electric Works

Mat­sushi­ta Elec­tric Works’ Sr. Man­ag­ing Direc­tor, Mr. Yuki­nobu Nishi­da, explains how his orga­ni­za­tion dis­cov­ered that automa­tion was not the ulti­mate solu­tion to improve pro­duc­tion and prof­its. Instead, kaizen and JIT proved to be the best choic­es in address­ing new, more demand­ing lead times as they inte­grat­ed employ­ees into per­fect pro­duc­tion systems.

  • 0:16 – Intro­duc­tion to Mat­sushi­ta Elec­tric Works 
  • 1:00 – An oper­a­tional overview
  • 2:17 – How they dealt with more demand­ing lead times and resis­tance to change
  • 3:35 – The ben­e­fits of con­tin­u­ous improvement

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