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  1. Kata in the Classroom

    Kata in the Classroom

    Join Toyota Kata author Mike Rother as he demonstrates the power of Kata in the Classroom. Also learn how you can put on your own Kata in the Classroom sessions!

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  2. Hoshin Planning Español

    Hoshin Planning Español

    Get started with planning your improvements the Hoshin Kanri way! Now fully produced in Spanish.

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  3. Quick Changeover / SMED Refreshed!

    Quick Changeover / SMED Refreshed!

    Our Quick Changeover / SMED course has been fully updated and refreshed with new content specifically for non-manufacturing environments. See how one company improved changeover time by 66%!

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  4. Quick Changeover / SMED Español

    Quick Changeover / SMED Español

    Drastically improving your machine changeover times can be achieved after watching our Quick Changeover / SMED course. Now available fully produced in Spanish.

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  5. Total Productive Maintenance Español

    Total Productive Maintenance Español

    Do you have Spanish speaking associates in charge or machines and equipment? Our Total Productive Maintenance Español course will help them to maximize their machine effectiveness!

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  6. Texas Nameplate

    Texas Nameplate

    Sustainability is the key idea running Texas Nameplate Company. Dale Crownover, CEO and frequent AME speaker gives us all a tour of the great work they are doing.

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  7. Built in Quality Español

    Built in Quality Español

    Learning to improve your product quality the lean way is now available in full native Spanish presentation.

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  8. TWI - Job Methods (JM)

    TWI - Job Methods (JM)

    Improving your work processes can be done in a proven, methodical manner. Take our TWI - JM course and find out how to bring out the best in your people, processes, machines and materials!

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  9. Culture of Kaizen Español

    Culture of Kaizen Español

    Building and sustaining a kaizen culture is now ready to be learned by your Spanish speaking organizations.

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  10. Lean Municipal Government Forum 2017

    Lean Municipal Government Forum 2017

    The City of Grand Rapids Michigan hosted a 1 day conference and city tour centered around their incredible efforts in implementing lean across their government departments. Now you too can see what was presented in this 7 video series.

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  11. Gemba Glossary Español

    Gemba Glossary Español

    Every learning resource needs a glossary of terms, and now Spanish speaking lean learners can reference El Glosario del Gemba.

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  12. Toyota Kata

    Toyota Kata

    What is Toyota Kata, and how is it useful to you and your organization? Our Toyota Kata course is now available to teach you the benefits of this methodology.

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