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  1. Daily Management System

    Daily Management System

    Learn about a complete lean daily management system with our new courses covering coaching, leader standard work, accountability and more!

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  2. Obeya Courses

    Obeya Courses

    The obeya concept applies directly to your product development processes. After completing this course, you will have learned to accelerate your deliveries, and increase team communication.

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  3. Las 7 Herramientas de Control de Calidad

    Las 7 Herramientas de Control de Calidad

    Everyone could use better quality in their processes, and these 7 tools will help you achieve your goals. This course is fully produced in Spanish.

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  4. Lighthouse for the Blind

    Lighthouse for the Blind

    Get inspired by the improvement work being done by the Lighthouse for the Blind. Accessibility, andons, shadow boards and more are all covered in this motivational Gemba Academy Live!

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  5. Gemba Walk

    Gemba Walk

    As part of our expanding series of Lean Daily Management content, we have added two new courses. Gemba Walk Essentials, and Gemba Walk Workshop. Get started with these essential lean tools today!

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  6. Kaas Tailored

    Kaas Tailored

    4 new distinct courses on the 7 wastes, kaizen, visualization and more are now available after our trip to the Kaas Tailored factory.

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  7. KataCon5


    Didn't make it to KataCon5? No problem, all of the presentations are now available in the latest release of Gemba Academy Live!

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  8. 5S Implementation Tours

    5S Implementation Tours

    The 5S course has been expanded with examples sourced from some of the best lean manufacturers, warehouses and offices.

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  9. Lean Accounting Spanish

    Lean Accounting Spanish

    Our complete Lean Accounting course, including the fundamentals of Lean Accounting, as well as Jean Cunningham on Lean Accounting, is now available fully reproduced in Spanish.

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  10. Leader Standard Work - Refreshed!

    Leader Standard Work - Refreshed!

    Our Leader Standard Work course has been refreshed and remastered for 2019! Do you truly know what is happening day to day, week to week and month to month in your gemba? Lean sensei Mike Wroblewski will guide you in getting started with skills such as coaching, kamishibai, huddles and more!

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  11. Masaaki Imai on Gemba Kaizen and Lean

    Masaaki Imai on Gemba Kaizen and Lean

    Our Kaizen Leadership course has been remixed, and remastered into a more cohesive experience. Hear direct from Lean pioneer Masaaki Imai his thoughts on kaizen. Available in both English and Spanish.

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  12. 8 Deadly Wastes in Healthcare

    8 Deadly Wastes in Healthcare

    The deadly wastes are a constant of every industry, and in healthcare that is literal. Find out how others have dealt with waste in healthcare in our latest School of Lean course.

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