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Gem­ba Acad­e­my is here to help you remove the strug­gle from Con­tin­u­ous Improve­ment learn­ing. Our suc­cess is mea­sured 1:1 with our cus­tomers’ suc­cess. Our online train­ing mate­ri­als, live instruc­tor events, and per­son­al­ized coach­ing have helped thou­sands reach their improve­ment goals.

How can Gemba Academy help you?

As orga­ni­za­tions look to make improve­ments, get­ting all lead­ers and team mem­bers on the same page and mov­ing towards a com­mon goal is a chal­lenge. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and edu­ca­tion are key dri­vers in con­tin­ued suc­cess, but cre­at­ing and main­tain­ing train­ing mate­r­i­al is an often under­es­ti­mat­ed task. With­out this, many orga­ni­za­tions fail to make the improve­ments that prove the suc­cess of their programs. 

That’s where Gem­ba Acad­e­my comes in. Our con­tin­u­ous­ly grow­ing library of proven improve­ment train­ing videos and mate­ri­als is ready on-demand at your crit­i­cal point of need. Our live instruc­tor events can accel­er­ate your improve­ment pro­grams. Our cer­ti­fi­ca­tions can give you the con­fi­dence that you’re on the right path to suc­cess. Final­ly, our vir­tu­al coach­ing can encour­age and chal­lenge you to make the right decisions.

No mat­ter your indus­try, Gem­ba Acad­e­my is here to fuel your journey.

Who has benefited from Gemba Academy

Over 1,000 com­pa­nies from all over the world, from mul­ti­ple indus­tries, have suc­cess­ful­ly uti­lized Gem­ba Acad­e­my to dri­ve orga­ni­za­tion­al improve­ments, and empow­er their associates.

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Customer Testimonials

Hear from others like you

Using Gemba Academy training at Chevron allows us to continue learning virtually around the world. It has made Lean and Six Sigma training accessible to our teams 24/7 across 16 time zones, 23 locations and 12 countries. The platform setup allows us to reduce travel and provide a standardized and structured approach to develop our continuous improvement talent. In a world where travel is becoming a challenge, digital, on-demand training makes good sense. We leveraged the learning paths to continue the learning journey of our leaders and teams, and to provide Black Belt training. We have found this cost-effective training works best when students are paired with a coach/mentor and have good manager support for their learning journey. In addition to the Gemba Academy training, we require students to complete projects to become certified and we leverage peer learning (the buddy system) to support increasing learning/sharing. Feedback from students on the training and coaching has been highly positive.

Gabriela perez chevron headshot

At Roche, we have a platform to place Gemba Academy learning content at the point of use, where colleagues can access key information as needed to do their work. As they self-learn on continuous improvement topics, we encourage them to use the rich content provided at Gemba Academy to discover even more. The quality of content, the clarity by which topics are covered, the variety and examples of topic usage, and sharing real world applications in industry makes Gemba Academy an essential part of our continuous improvement initiatives.

Jeff long roche headshot

We had a group of about two dozen of our leaders and staff attend a Kata overview with Ron Pereira, and then followed up by selecting 5 volunteers from that initial overview to go through a 90 minute hands on virtual Kata exercise with Ron. My eyes have really been opened to the whole idea of setting short term focused goals for the purpose of removing one barrier at a time.

Right now we have an important initiative to pursue very short term market opportunities resulting from the covid19 economic disruption, and the Kata model applies to this initiative perfectly. The model should also be very useful in planning Kaizen events and to support 1-1 coaching activities. Our usual method in the past has been to establish objectives going out 90 days and longer. I see Kata as more “agile”. We definitely plan to add the Kata approach to our lean training and execution framework.

Bret rice taylor corp headshot

We have completed over 500 courses from Gemba Academy with our licensed users. We have 10-12 associates who have completed certificates with a dozen more getting close. I love the format and content of all the modules. The incremented modules allows our salary licensed holders to conduct training daily while they manage their areas. When we conduct live Lean events I usually pull in a few basic modules that support our core company Lean training materials. We also created a live Flow Simulation activity that mirrors the module provided by Gemba Academy. We are planning a value stream mapping training session with our purchasing team in a few weeks, so we are getting a lot of value in many forums.

The more exciting area is the ability to put the training to use at the real Gemba. Thus, we recently created an internal Lean Certification program. We tailored 4 very basic Lean modules to a smaller audience in a classroom setting. The targeted groups is our hourly first line supervisors in select locations in Mexico. Four courses in 30 minute segments to cover the fundamentals in 5S, Workplace Visualization, Standard Work and 7 deadly wastes. Additionally, we added 3 problem solving modules to round out their lean skill sets. Coupled with their managers, who have licenses, they are challenged to conduct 4 projects applying Lean and Problem Solving both as practitioners and leaders. We begin those activities in October and will continue through the end of the year. Once the learning and implementation is completed the associates will become Spring Window Fashions Lean Certified.

From my perspective, Gemba Academy is a valuable partner in our Lean journey!

Gemba Academy is a powerhouse of courses that can be learned in 10-12 minute periods and provide a great source of information, for both experienced practitioners and total beginners.

I use the courses to teach specific topics to students, colleagues, or anyone that is interested in a specific topic.

As a consultant, it allows for my audience/clients to understand the subject at hand in a brief period of time while baselining the knowledge of the topic amongst the team(s). Team alignment and understanding of what a Lean Journey looks like can be easily managed with the Gemba Academy courses.

The subject matter expertise, program tools, information, ease of access, and most importantly, the customer support provided by the Gemba Academy organization is top-notch! I am always using their teachings and new courses to stay on top of the latest information in the Lean and Six Sigma Journey.

Felix zuniga

Our organization is sending almost the entire engineering group through Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with Gemba Academy. They see the benefits of the lean methodology and the benefits of having the team trained in a similar fashion. I thought that the statistics and methodology would be overwhelming but instead, it was broken down into manageable and easy-to-understand modules that made the whole experience better. The training opened my eyes to a different way of thinking and problem solving.

Mike grieggs zoll

The Lean Prac­ti­tion­er course and coach­ing made this edu­ca­tion a true Lean trans­for­ma­tion for me per­son­al­ly. I feel I just start­ed this jour­ney. There is so much for me left to learn, but every time I exchange ideas with my asso­ciates and engage with them and their ideas mate­ri­al­ize, I feel ener­gized to keep learn­ing and pro­vid­ing sup­port. The Gem­ba Acad­e­my coach­ing style real­ly helped me along the way, with amaz­ing exam­ples from their rich expe­ri­ence. Thank you for shar­ing that with me!

Pierre kaufman hollister

The stu­dents in my Mas­ter of Sci­ence Man­age­ment: Oper­a­tional Excel­lence class enjoyed using Gem­ba Acad­e­my. The stu­dents were each assigned to pre­pare a 15 – 20 minute pre­sen­ta­tion as their final. They were to select a mod­ule from the Gem­ba Acad­e­my School of Lean that inter­est­ed them or one that they felt could help them in their pro­fes­sion­al or per­son­al lives and then teach’ that tool to the class. What amazed me was that out of 19 stu­dents, 17 dif­fer­ent lean tools were cho­sen for their pre­sen­ta­tions. I thought that I would get more dupli­cate pre­sen­ta­tions than that, but it shows that Gem­ba Acad­e­my offers stu­dents the chance to broad­en their knowl­edge of OE tools and meth­ods that tru­ly inter­ests them. And, save for 3 or 4 pre­sen­ta­tions, the sub­jects cho­sen were ones that were not cov­ered in my class. The stu­dents took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to expand their knowl­edge through their pre­sen­ta­tions using the Gem­ba Acad­e­my resource.

Matt miller st vincent

Through­out my expe­ri­ence with Gem­ba Acad­e­my and its staff, they’ve always treat­ed me more like a part­ner than a cus­tomer, and their inter­ac­tion with our orga­ni­za­tion has been a bench­mark for cus­tomer engage­ment. Since we’ve begun uti­liz­ing their Black Belt Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­gram, we’ve seen areas with­in the orga­ni­za­tion trans­formed from this is how we’ve always done it,” into Lean, effi­cien­cy-cen­tric pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ments. Gem­ba Acad­e­my’s exper­tise and first-rate con­tent have been a major con­tribut­ing fac­tor to our organization’s suc­cess with con­tin­u­ous improvement.

Mark benningfield jack henry

We are using the Gem­ba Acad­e­my pro­gram to help Estab­lish a lean man­u­fac­tur­ing cul­ture with­in our man­u­fac­tur­ing team and union work­force. Gem­ba Acad­e­my has devel­oped two lean six sig­ma black belts, which has helped our team tremen­dous­ly. The Gem­ba Acad­e­my train­ing has pro­vid­ed essen­tial infor­ma­tion for the man­u­fac­tur­ing team. Since imple­ment­ing the pro­gram, we have gained time to work on process improve­ment because now we see the prob­lems before they start. We have estab­lished a cul­ture of account­abil­i­ty and self-aware­ness in inter­nal process­es. We’re now in the process of becom­ing lean cham­pi­ons. The pro­gram has helped them devel­op process man­age­ment skills and enhanced their vision of iden­ti­fy­ing waste. The plant uti­liza­tion has increased because we have reduced the num­ber of rework hours. I rec­om­mend all com­pa­nies uti­lize schools like Gem­ba acad­e­my because it will strength­en your staff. We must invest in our team to help the indi­vid­u­al’s over­all suc­cess and the com­pa­ny’s objectives.

Oliver flores steinway and sons