Gemba Glossary

The continuous improvement journey will be filled with many terms, industry jargon and acronyms. Our Gemba Glossary is a comprehensive resource guide to helping you reference and learn these words on demand.

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Most Popular Lean Terms

  1. 3P Production Preparation Process featured image

    3P Production Preparation Process

    3P tackles workplace waste, quality issues, and production processes from a different, more forceful angle.

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  2. 5S featured image


    Eliminate waste and optimize productivity with the 5s methodology.

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  3. 5S in the Office featured image

    5S in the Office

    Create and maintain a safe, clean, and productive workspace by eliminating physical and mental waste.

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  4. A3 Problem Solving featured image

    A3 Problem Solving

    Done right, A3 gives organizations a path toward faster, better decision making and more efficient processes, and helps nurture a collaborative culture.

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  5. ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) featured image

    ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)

    Featured in many statistical problem-solving methodologies like Design of Experiments, Regression, and Measurement Systems Analysis.

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  6. Built-in Quality featured image

    Built-in Quality

    Place continuous improvement at the center of your entire production process, ensuring quality is built into the process—and products—from the get-go.

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  7. Business Process Mapping featured image

    Business Process Mapping

    Identify gaps, problems, and missed opportunities in existing workflows.

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  8. Hoshin Planning featured image

    Hoshin Planning

    Tackle long-term strategic goals through day-to-day operations, built-in review processes, and training activities that support continuous improvement.

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  9. Kaizen featured image


    The cornerstone of improvement methods, go deeper into the meaning behind Kaizen.

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  10. Kanban featured image


    A powerful Lean strategy that helps organizations clarify tasks and streamline work processes.

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  11. Lean Accounting featured image

    Lean Accounting

    Create consumer value, align the business around its value streams, and empower employees at all levels to drive sustained, continuous improvement.

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  12. Lean Daily Management featured image

    Lean Daily Management

    A system that ensures that work is done the right way, at the right time, so that an organization hits its target objectives.

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  13. Obeya featured image


    A method of communication, cross-functional cooperation, and decision-making.

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  14. Practical Problem Solving featured image

    Practical Problem Solving

    The eight-step process for implementing the incremental improvements characteristic of any Lean management program.

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  15. Process Capability featured image

    Process Capability

    Continuous improvement practice that uses statistical techniques to quantify the extent to which a stable process meets end user requirements.

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  16. Quick Changeover/SMED System featured image

    Quick Changeover/SMED System

    The process of reducing changeover time, helping companies keep up with customer demand, reduce inventory, save time and eliminate waste.

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  17. Standard Work featured image

    Standard Work

    The practice of establishing, communicating, maintaining, and improving workplace standards, a core fundamental of Lean management.

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  18. The 7 Basic Quality Control Tools featured image

    The 7 Basic Quality Control Tools

    Widely used in Lean, Six Sigma, and other continuous improvement methodologies to quickly find and fix problems.

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  19. The 7 Deadly Wastes of Lean featured image

    The 7 Deadly Wastes of Lean

    By identifying waste, employees have a starting point for optimizing processes.

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  20. Total Productive Maintenance featured image

    Total Productive Maintenance

    A Lean philosophy that aims to achieve perfect production.

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  21. Toyota Kata featured image

    Toyota Kata

    Bring scientific thinking to your improvement efforts. Plus learn to be a more effective coach.

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  22. Training Within Industry (TWI) featured image

    Training Within Industry (TWI)

    Proven methods for improving on the job training, management and conflict resolution.

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  23. Value Stream Management featured image

    Value Stream Management

    Improving the flow through the value stream requires breaking down traditional organizational boundaries or “silos” and seeing work from the customer’s perspective.

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  24. Value Stream Mapping featured image

    Value Stream Mapping

    A Lean management tool with the potential to tear down departmental silos, reduce waste, and exceed customer demands.

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