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Daily Management And Strategic Alignment

Lean Tour of the City of Grand Rapids Fire Department: Daily Management And Strategic Alignment

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  1. Introduction To Burgess Health Center 01:40
  2. What Is A Huddle? 01:43
  3. Why And How Burgess Committed To Huddles 06:06
  4. Lessons Learned From Rolling Out Huddles 05:52
  5. Demonstrating The Huddle Process 35:50
  6. Coaching For Leaders To Attend Huddles 04:42
  7. Audience Q&A - What Is An Optimum Number Of People For A Huddle? 00:55
  8. Audience Q&A - How Long Does A Huddle Last? Do They Huddle At The Beginning Of The Shift? 00:57
  9. Audience Q&A - How Do You Make Sure The Discussions Stay On Topic? 04:04
  10. Audience Q&A - How Do You Handle Ideas From The Huddle That Don't Make Sense Or That You Won't Implement? 02:16
  11. Audience Q&A - Do You Report Out On Ideas During The Next Huddle? 01:26
  12. How The Daily Action Board Builds Accountability 07:24
  13. How To Use The Daily Action Board 11:17
  14. Daily Stand Up Meeting 05:32
  15. Collaboration On Action Items Through Visual Management 03:35
  16. Recognition And Celebration On The Action Board 01:24
  17. Key Points For Visual Management With The Action Board 02:42
  18. Audience Q&A - How Long Is This Meeting And Do You Have Other Morning Meetings? 00:26
  19. Audience Q&A - How Does This Meeting Differ From The Tier Meeting When The Supervisor Meets With Operators? 00:51
  20. Audience Q&A - Is The Action Board Similar To Reviewing SQDC Metrics? 00:54
  21. Audience Q&A - How Many Action Boards Do You Have? 00:49
  22. Audience Q&A - How Do You Share Information Between Plants For Similar Issues? 00:34
  23. Audience Q&A - Have You Ever Implemented Electronic Action Boards That Display Data From A Portal? 00:58
  24. Audience Q&A - Is There A Close-of-business Meeting And If So Would You Reevaluate What Should Happen The Next Day? 00:57
  25. Audience Q&A - Who Facilitates The Problem Solving? 00:30
  26. Audience Q&A - How Do You Reward And Recognize People For Good Actions And Improvements? 00:52
  27. Audience Q&A - Who Should Attend The Daily Stand Up Meeting? 03:02
  28. How Do You Manage The Action Items On Post-its? 05:46
  29. How To Get Started With Action Boards? 08:20
  30. Daily Management And Strategic Alignment 13:34
  31. Visual Management Of Work Through Huddle Boards 10:02
  32. Standard Meeting Management Process 05:31
  33. Personal Kanban Board At The Fire Department 05:21
  34. Daily Accountability Through Team Training And Observations About Daily Accountability Processes At Kaas Tailored 13:37
  35. The CMMS Business Operations Group Weekly Huddle 10:41
  36. Bi-weekly Visit By Senior Executives To Huddle Boards 13:37
  37. Area Improvement Center Huddle Board 09:39
  38. The Morning Meeting At Specialty Silicone Fabricators 04:27
  39. Morning Standup Meeting At Menlo Innovations 04:09