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Gemba Walk Overview

Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira introduces the Gemba Walk course by explaining what a gemba walk is, what it isn’t, and why they’re so critical.


  • 0:47 - What a gemba walk is
  • 1:24 - Why it’s important to go see the processes
  • 3:12 - What a gemba walk isn’t
  • 4:21 - What all gemba walks have in common

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  1. Gemba Walk Overview 07:18
  2. The Five Types of Gemba Walks 06:36
  3. How to Prepare for a Gemba Walk 10:19
  4. What to Expect During a Gemba Walk 08:16
  5. How to Debrief After a Gemba Walk 05:47
  6. Gemba Walk Action Guide 02:09

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