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What's the Next Challenge for Kaas Tailored?

Jeff Kaas, President of Kaas Tailored, explains the obstacles they’ll focus on in the coming months, how they’ll make the culture of improvement permeate the DNA of the company, and more.

  • 0:24 The next big obstacle Kaas Tailored will tackle
  • 5:40 Future kata projects at Kaas Tailored
  • 9:50 How Kaas Tailored realized they needed to change

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  1. A Conversation with Jeff Kaas, President of Kaas Tailored 07:51
  2. Kaas Tailored Tour Agenda 03:44
  3. What to Expect on the Kaas Tailored Tour 04:22
  4. The Gap Between Work and Hobbies 18:02
  5. How Kaas Tailored Creates High Mix, Low-Volume Flow and Pull 02:59
  6. Parts Kitting, Limited WIP, and Pull Signals at Kaas Tailored 03:27
  7. The Ring Toss Visual Pull Signal at Kaas Tailored 04:49
  8. One Piece Flow Cells at Kaas Tailored 04:51
  9. How Long-Term Hoshin Objectives Turn Into Annual Goals and Small Experiments 17:21
  10. The Visual Management System at Kaas Tailored 09:18
  11. Periodic Review of Results and Improvement of the Hoshin Process 07:25
  12. The Daily Gemba Walk at Kaas Tailored 06:38
  13. Visual Management of Status for the Process, the Day, and the Year 03:29
  14. Daily Accountability Through Team Training at Kaas Tailored 05:08
  15. Observations About Daily Accountability Processes at Kaas Tailored 08:33
  16. We Pushed Kaizen for 10 Years, Now We Pull Kaizen 07:53
  17. A Problem Solving Example in Purchasing at Kaas Tailored 16:31
  18. A Kaizen Example from Upholstery Process at Kaas Tailored 10:39
  19. A Kaizen Example from Human Resources at Kaas Tailored 11:11
  20. How Guiding Principles Engage People to Grow the Business and Themselves 14:31
  21. How to Use the Kaas Tailored Kaizen Form 05:53
  22. What's the Next Challenge for Kaas Tailored? 21:01

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