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A Kaizen Example from Upholstery Process at Kaas Tailored

Amgad Shafik, Production Lead at Kaas Tailored, provides an example of kaizen using supply carts in the sewing and upholstery department.

  • 0:56 The problem statement
  • 2:28 Root cause analysis
  • 3:20 Preventative action


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  1. A Conversation with Jeff Kaas, President of Kaas Tailored 07:51
  2. Kaas Tailored Tour Agenda 03:44
  3. What to Expect on the Kaas Tailored Tour 04:22
  4. The Gap Between Work and Hobbies 18:02
  5. How Kaas Tailored Creates High Mix, Low-Volume Flow and Pull 02:59
  6. Parts Kitting, Limited WIP, and Pull Signals at Kaas Tailored 03:27
  7. The Ring Toss Visual Pull Signal at Kaas Tailored 04:49
  8. One Piece Flow Cells at Kaas Tailored 04:51
  9. How Long-Term Hoshin Objectives Turn Into Annual Goals and Small Experiments 17:21
  10. The Visual Management System at Kaas Tailored 09:18
  11. Periodic Review of Results and Improvement of the Hoshin Process 07:25
  12. The Daily Gemba Walk at Kaas Tailored 06:38
  13. Visual Management of Status for the Process, the Day, and the Year 03:29
  14. Daily Accountability Through Team Training at Kaas Tailored 05:08
  15. Observations About Daily Accountability Processes at Kaas Tailored 08:33
  16. We Pushed Kaizen for 10 Years, Now We Pull Kaizen 07:53
  17. A Problem Solving Example in Purchasing at Kaas Tailored 16:31
  18. A Kaizen Example from Upholstery Process at Kaas Tailored 10:39
  19. A Kaizen Example from Human Resources at Kaas Tailored 11:11
  20. How Guiding Principles Engage People to Grow the Business and Themselves 14:31
  21. How to Use the Kaas Tailored Kaizen Form 05:53
  22. What's the Next Challenge for Kaas Tailored? 21:01