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What Is Management?

Mr. Masaaki Imai explains the importance of managing our time and our actions, differentiating between maintaining the current state and improving our processes.

  • 0:06 - The management breakdown
  • 2:38 - An example of management using money before brain power, and the best time to do Kaizen

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  1. Introduction to Masaaki Imai on Gemba Kaizen and Lean 00:40
  2. The Three Requirements for Embracing Kaizen and Lean 02:23
  3. Flow, Synchronization, and Leveling (FSL) 02:13
  4. Management Involvement vs. Management Commitment 00:57
  5. How Kaizen Leads to Lean and Green 03:06
  6. What Is Management? 05:31
  7. What Is Gemba? 04:31
  8. Stand in the Circle on the Gemba 05:07
  9. Growing Up on the Gemba 01:47
  10. 5s Is the Starting Point of Kaizen 02:36
  11. The Lean Roadmap & The Christopher Columbus School of Business 06:58
  12. Full Masaaki Imai on Gemba Kaizen and Lean Course 33:50

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