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Simple Kaizen Part 1

Con­sul­tant Mike Wrob­lews­ki explains the con­cept of Sim­ple Kaizen, and how pow­er­ful small, imme­di­ate changes can be. Mike explains how to move beyond the sug­ges­tion box” while also explain­ing how one com­pa­ny has been able to gen­er­ate and imple­ment 4,998 employ­ee sug­ges­tions in a sin­gle year.

  • 0:29 — True North
  • 1:01 — The Lean Trans­for­ma­tion System
  • 3:27 — The Kaizen Process
  • 6:22 — Sug­ges­tion Boxes
  • 8:03 — The Sim­ple Kaizen approach

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