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D.L. Martin Kaizen Event Summary

Hear a detailed expla­na­tion of how D.L. Mar­tin Co. exe­cut­ed an actu­al 5S and Lay­out kaizen event. In this video you’ll see how they train their employ­ees, how they 5S an area, and how they actu­al­ly pilot­ed a one piece flow sim­u­la­tion in prepa­ra­tion for a fol­low-up kaizen event. Final­ly, dur­ing this video you’ll hear (and see) how they pre­pare and exe­cute the kaizen event report out for senior management.

  • 0:52 — Matt’s background
  • 1:40 — The objec­tive of the Kaizen Event
  • 1:59 — Day One
  • 3:46 — Day Two
  • 4:30 — Day Three
  • 5:10 — Day Four
  • 9:19 — Report outs at D.L. Martin
  • 14:26 — Final advice

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