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The Model Line Approach to Lean Deployment

Jeffrey Liker elaborates on Toyota’s vision, breaking down elements like the model line approach and scientific thinking.

  • 0:10 - A defining moment for Jeffrey
  • 1:27 - Seeing TPS in small lean cells
  • 3:47 - A model line at Herman Miller
  • 7:54 - What Mr. Ohba was trying to teach
  • 10:59 - Developing a way of thinking


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  1. Gemba Academy's Kata Journey with Ron Pereira 07:10
  2. Developing & Utilizing Human Capabilities by Practicing Scientific Thinking with Mike Rother 39:35
  3. The Toyota Way and Toyota Kata - Learning Over 48 Years with Jeffrey Liker 50:28
  4. The Path to Toyota 16:11
  5. The Toyota Way 4P Systems Model 10:00
  6. The Model Line Approach to Lean Deployment 12:41
  7. Lessons Learned from Applying Toyota Kata to Lean Transformations 12:10
  8. You Can’t Ride My Bike - Deliberate Practice of New Routines 10:31
  9. How NicePak Practices Toyota Kata with Tim Hall 13:56
  10. NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital's Journey to Developing a Robust Management System with Brad Parsons 19:30
  11. How Novo Nordisk Used Kata to Engage People with Renata Marques 21:31
  12. 4 Ways Physicians Are Experimenting With Toyota Kata with Michael Lombard 11:12
  13. Using Kata to Develop Frontline Leadership at FAST Global Solutions with Sam Wagner 13:50
  14. The Improvement Kata with Beth Carrington and Oscar Roche 39:54
  15. Improvement Kata Step 1 - Get the Direction or Challenge 05:17
  16. Improvement Kata Step 2 - Grasp the Current Condition 11:44
  17. Improvement Kata Step 3 - Establish the Target 14:37
  18. Improvement Kata Step 4 - Experiment Toward the Target Condition 05:31
  19. Coaching Kata - The Role of the Coach 03:02
  20. Coaching to a New Threshold of Knowledge with Brandon Brown 08:49
  21. Non-Verbal Communication in the Coaching Kata with Scott Laundry and Mike Rother 27:39
  22. Using Elements of Non-Verbal Communication in the Coaching Kata 07:49
  23. How to Teach Coaches to Use Non-Verbal Communication 05:41
  24. Non-Verbal Communication and the Second Coach's Role 06:20
  25. Preparing the Learner's Mind During Kata Coaching 03:30
  26. How to Tell If the Learner Is Ready for the Next Target Condition 03:45
  27. The Kata Coach as Teacher, Learner, and Improver with Tilo Schwarz 10:56
  28. Kata Coaching to Develop Common Goals with Dave Seabrook 06:21
  29. Continuous Improvement and Technology with Jeff Roussel 12:41
  30. Improvement Kata and A3 Thinking with Oscar Roche 20:58
  31. Why Root Cause Analysis Is Rarely Done Well 04:01
  32. The A3 as a Method to Create a Pattern of Thinking 08:41
  33. Facts, Data, Emotions, and Testing at the Threshold of Knowledge 08:30
  34. Developing Leaders for Continuous Improvement with Mark Rosenthal 18:04