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Lessons Learned from Applying Toyota Kata to Lean Transformations

The true power of Toyota Kata lies in its ability to turn principles into action. To wrap up his presentation, Jeffrey Liker discusses the profound impact Toyota Kata can have on an organization.

  • 1:39 - A story about a Japanese sensei
  • 2:28 - What Toyota Kata did for Jeffrey
  • 3:46 - Why his students struggled with Toyota Kata
  • 4:55 - Jeffrey’s conclusion
  • 6:43 - The real challenge
  • 8:44 - How lean multiplies


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  1. Gemba Academy's Kata Journey with Ron Pereira 07:10
  2. Developing & Utilizing Human Capabilities by Practicing Scientific Thinking with Mike Rother 39:35
  3. The Toyota Way and Toyota Kata - Learning Over 48 Years with Jeffrey Liker 50:28
  4. The Path to Toyota 16:11
  5. The Toyota Way 4P Systems Model 10:00
  6. The Model Line Approach to Lean Deployment 12:41
  7. Lessons Learned from Applying Toyota Kata to Lean Transformations 12:10
  8. You Can’t Ride My Bike - Deliberate Practice of New Routines 10:31
  9. How NicePak Practices Toyota Kata with Tim Hall 13:56
  10. NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital's Journey to Developing a Robust Management System with Brad Parsons 19:30
  11. How Novo Nordisk Used Kata to Engage People with Renata Marques 21:31
  12. 4 Ways Physicians Are Experimenting With Toyota Kata with Michael Lombard 11:12
  13. Using Kata to Develop Frontline Leadership at FAST Global Solutions with Sam Wagner 13:50
  14. The Improvement Kata with Beth Carrington and Oscar Roche 39:54
  15. Improvement Kata Step 1 - Get the Direction or Challenge 05:17
  16. Improvement Kata Step 2 - Grasp the Current Condition 11:44
  17. Improvement Kata Step 3 - Establish the Target 14:37
  18. Improvement Kata Step 4 - Experiment Toward the Target Condition 05:31
  19. Coaching Kata - The Role of the Coach 03:02
  20. Coaching to a New Threshold of Knowledge with Brandon Brown 08:49
  21. Non-Verbal Communication in the Coaching Kata with Scott Laundry and Mike Rother 27:39
  22. Using Elements of Non-Verbal Communication in the Coaching Kata 07:49
  23. How to Teach Coaches to Use Non-Verbal Communication 05:41
  24. Non-Verbal Communication and the Second Coach's Role 06:20
  25. Preparing the Learner's Mind During Kata Coaching 03:30
  26. How to Tell If the Learner Is Ready for the Next Target Condition 03:45
  27. The Kata Coach as Teacher, Learner, and Improver with Tilo Schwarz 10:56
  28. Kata Coaching to Develop Common Goals with Dave Seabrook 06:21
  29. Continuous Improvement and Technology with Jeff Roussel 12:41
  30. Improvement Kata and A3 Thinking with Oscar Roche 20:58
  31. Why Root Cause Analysis Is Rarely Done Well 04:01
  32. The A3 as a Method to Create a Pattern of Thinking 08:41
  33. Facts, Data, Emotions, and Testing at the Threshold of Knowledge 08:30
  34. Developing Leaders for Continuous Improvement with Mark Rosenthal 18:04