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Heijunka at Zingerman's

Tom works through an example of how orders are leveled, or smoothed, before they're released to the shop floor. If you're looking for a real life case of study of heijunka in action this is the video for you!




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  1. Zingerman's Trailer 1:34
  2. Welcome to Zingerman's Mail Order 4:41
  3. Catch the ZingTrain 7:17
  4. Hello. How Can We Help You? 10:59
  5. Professional Presents 1:10
  6. Introduction to the Sequencer 4:45
  7. Heijunka at Zingerman's 16:59
  8. The Critical Role of IT and Programming 6:19
  9. Zingerman's IT Philosophy 8:16
  10. Line Side Kanban System 3:05
  11. Prepping the Bread 4:18
  12. The Hot Station 3:03
  13. A Very Special Lunch 2:02
  14. Setting the Pace at Picking 9:00
  15. "Check," Please! 6:49
  16. Making It Look Good in Assembly 2:58
  17. Getting It All Together at Recombination 4:36
  18. Supercomputing in Packing 7:21
  19. Shipping Made Easy and a Process Recap 6:32
  20. Now Hiring, the Zingerman's Way 6:45
  21. Zingerman's Wrap Up 8:06