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The Real Reason Behind Sustainability

At the end of the day, Ron gets a chance to sit down with Dale and Dan Crownover to find out the real reason for the the sustainability initiative at Texas Nameplate.

  • 0:33 - Where does their passion for their improvements come from?
  • 05:41 - How does their green initiatives involve their faith?
  • 08:06 - Conclusion

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  1. Ron Introduces Us To Texas Nameplate Company 01:22
  2. People, Planet and Profit - Triple Bottom Line 11:44
  3. Meet Dan Crownover - A Millennial's Perspective 10:04
  4. The Texas Nameplate Process 05:14
  5. Using the iScrubber to Strip Nameplates 06:47
  6. Water Recycling System 11:36
  7. Rejuvenation of Acid 08:35
  8. Reclaiming Solvent 05:33
  9. Paperless 14:09
  10. The Real Reason Behind Sustainability 08:42