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People, Planet and Profit — Triple Bottom Line

Ron sits down with CEO & Pres­i­dent, Dale Crownover, to dis­cuss what we’ll see dur­ing our vis­it. Dale gives a lit­tle his­to­ry of the fam­i­ly busi­ness. He also gives us some insight as to why he believes Texas Name­plate is so successful.

  • 0:48 — His­to­ry of Texas Nameplate
  • 1:34 — About some of the lean efforts of Texas Nameplate
  • 2:54 — What is Triple Bot­tom Line”?
  • 4:29 — About the founder of Texas Nameplate
  • 7:37 — A pre­view of what will be seen through­out the Texas Name­plate tour
  • 9:13 — A pre­view of the water recy­cling capabilities
  • 9:54 — A pre­view of being a paper­less organization

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