Gemba Academy for Agribusiness

Applying improvement training in the Agribusiness sector grows continued success!

Lean and Six Sigma really do apply to any industry. Agribusiness is no exception. Our engaging video content is designed to help you streamline processes, identify waste, build critical teamwork skills, and much more.

Our site-based subscription model promotes flexible learning, allowing employees at all levels to access the content at their convenience. From farms, to factory floors, to offices, there are countless settings in which Lean and Six Sigma can revolutionize your business.

What Can Lean and Six Sigma Do for You?

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Global agribusiness partner Syngenta uses Gemba Academy’s on-demand video content to provide learning resources when and where they are needed. A large organization, Syngenta’s sites are at different points in their learning journeys and are also solving problems often unique to their location. The explanations and examples in our videos bring Lean and Six Sigma concepts to life while fostering a collective vision of Syngenta’s end-state. For example, using our content, the Syngenta team was able to successfully implement their own version of Kanban at two different sites. Overall, Syngenta finds Gemba Academy a great way to support their pursuit of Operational Excellence.

Customer Success

Whether you're a small local farm or an international agribusiness, we will work with you to find a subscription package that best meets your needs. Some of our customers have included:

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Below is a sample of just some of our training material, specific to Agribusiness.

Agribusiness Videos

These online video courses will help you start, accelerate and maintain your continuous improvement journey.

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