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School of Lean


Kan­ban is a work­flow man­age­ment method that has been used to solve pro­duc­tiv­i­ty prob­lems since the 1940s. Today, it’s a fun­da­men­tal aspect of any Lean man­age­ment practice.

Kan­ban sys­tems are some­times con­sid­ered the ner­vous sys­tem” of the Lean man­age­ment method­ol­o­gy, act­ing as a brain to pro­vide instruc­tions to var­i­ous work areas through visu­al cues or cards that trig­ger spe­cif­ic actions. Each card con­nects infor­ma­tion flow with mate­r­i­al flow by attach­ing Kan­ban cards to phys­i­cal deliv­er­ables, which aims to make waste areas vis­i­ble, pre­vent over­pro­duc­tion, and meet cus­tomer demand.

In Gem­ba Academy’s Kan­ban train­ing mod­ules, you’ll learn how to use a Kan­ban board to opti­mize inter­nal process­es and achieve pro­duc­tiv­i­ty gains.