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Mike Wroblewski Interview

In this supplemental module you'll hear from Mike Wroblewski. Mike learned the SMED System from Shigeo Shingo, the man responsible for developing the SMED approach. During this interview Mike explains how Mr. Shingo went about teaching his students the SMED System, including how he used to explain how buying bananas is an excellent example of lean thinking. How can this be? Mike tells all in this module.

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  1. Quick Changeover Overview: Part 1 10:30
  2. Quick Changeover Overview: Part 2 7:48
  3. Document Reality Part 1 8:48
  4. Changeover Part 1 16:12
  5. Changeover Part 2 16:02
  6. Document Reality Part 2 6:26
  7. Quick Changeover Homework 2:19
  8. Separate and Shift Internal to External 9:04
  9. Streamline External Tasks 6:45
  10. Streamline Internal Tasks 9:49
  11. Document the New Standard 7:50
  12. Ram Changeover After Improvements 11:29
  13. Mike Wroblewski Interview 8:33

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