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The Inner Game of Kanban — Russell Healy

Tim­o­thy Gall­wey’s sem­i­nal work The Inner Game of Ten­nis” pub­lished in 1974 tells us that there is a much bet­ter route to per­for­mance than sheer effort and willpow­er. Poten­tial per­for­mance is lim­it­ed by men­tal inter­fer­ence. When this inter­fer­ence is qui­et­ed, the innate capa­bil­i­ty of mind and body are released to per­form at a much high­er lev­el. Inter­fer­ence in the work­place comes in many forms. This talk will dis­cuss how Kan­ban can be used to qui­et inter­fer­ence and unlock the poten­tial per­for­mance of knowl­edge workers.

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