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Leadership as a Design Problem - Frode Odegard

Leadership is the ongoing process of defining a shared goal or purpose and inducing others to pursue it. There are many approaches to achieving this, and in this short talk we will review and compare a number of leadership styles, including Lean Leadership. We will also discuss how leaders gain, keep and lose credibility with their followers ? Leadership Capital.

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  1. Values, Agendas, and Change: Kanban's Bigger Picture - Mike Burrows 38:31
  2. Indefinite Unsustainable Pace - Eric Green 36:25
  3. The Inner Game of Kanban - Russell Healy 39:31
  4. Moving Thousands of People to Kanban in 16 Months - Koren, Yaholom, Yeret 40:16
  5. Leadership as a Design Problem - Frode Odegard 38:45
  6. Improving Lean Kanban in Large Distributed Teams - Luke Hohmann 1:14:49