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Hands-on Lean - Alen Ganic

City of Grand Rapids' Inventory and Asset Manager, Alen Ganic, shares his own personal continuous improvement journey. He explains how he and his team apply Lean principles in the departments he oversees to create higher efficiencies, cost savings, and greater employee morale.

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  1. Lean Municipal Government Forum 2017 Introduction Guide 00:55
  2. Grand Rapids City Manager Opening Remarks 04:42
  3. Grand Rapids Deputy City Manager 36:54
  4. Lean Philosophy - Steve Kane 25:07
  5. Hands-on Lean - Alen Ganic 52:41
  6. An Introduction to A3 Thinking in Government - Captain Brad Brown 33:18
  7. Fire Department Tour 34:23
  8. Water Department Tour 17:00