Gemba Academy for Financial Services

While not the primary focus, cost savings are undoubtedly one of the potential benefits of a successful Lean and/or Six Sigma implementation. Likewise, there are countless ways in which continuous improvement can apply to financial organizations.

Use our engaging video content to help you diagnose problems, streamline administrative processes, and foster open channels of communication. Our site-based subscription model is designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing employees at all levels to learn at their own pace.

What Can Lean and Six Sigma Do for You?

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GreenSky Credit has used their Gemba Academy subscription to create their very own 3-day Lean Training program. By combining our video content with group activities and lean simulations, team members benefit from a multifaceted training experience that promotes knowledge retention and appeals to all types of learners. Through the use of concepts like the PDCA Cycle, the 5 Whys, and A3 reports, GreenSky has truly taken their continuous improvement efforts to new heights.

Customer Success

Whether you're a small credit union or an international finance conglomerate, we will work with you to find a subscription package that best meets your needs. Some of our customers have included:

Below is a sample of just some of our training material, specific to Financial Services.



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