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Before kan­ban can work we must lev­el pro­duc­tion. In this mod­ule you will learn what hei­jun­ka is, and how to scale pro­duc­tion to meet vari­able cus­tomer demand.

0:45 — What is heijunka?

1:07 — What is mura and muri?

2:42 — Hei­junka’s damp­en­ing effect on demand swings

3:12 — Lot pro­duc­tion scheduling

4:40 — Week­ly lev­eled production

5:39 — Dai­ly lev­eled production

6:14 — Addi­tion­al ben­e­fits of lev­el loading

7:05 — Pre­req­ui­sites to heijunka

7:41 — The hei­jun­ka box

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