The independent inputs variable pr factors that lead to an outcome.

See also Y=f(X)


Control of processes based on measuring and recording the average and the range of a process output for a specified subgroup size of data in order to detect process position and variation.

X-Bar & R Charts

A pair of control charts, X-bar and R (range) charts are used for processes with a subgroup size of two or more. The X-bar and R charts help determine if a process is stable and predictable. The X-bar shows how the mean or average changes over time and the R chart shows how the range of the subgroups changes over time.

X-Bar & S Charts

A pair of control charts, X-Bar S (standard deviation) charts used for processes with large subgroups. These charts are used when the subgroups have a large sample size. The S chart provides a better understanding of the spread of subgroup data than range.

X Matrix

X-matrix is a template for summarizing the what, how, when, and how much of Strategy Deployment or a Hoshin plan. The business objectives, projects, targets, deadlines, and people responsible are organized in an X-shaped table.