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Think Anew, Act Anew - Dave Snowden

The title comes from Lincoln, the content from intense frustration that many people are simply talking anew, but thinking and acting in entrained patterns of doing what others have done rather than what is needed in the present. In this presentation, which will be polemical at times, the case will be made for using complexity to rethink they way we act in organisations.


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  1. Risk Modeling for Lean Startup Teams - Sam McAfee 38:54
  2. Growing an Innovative Culture - Joanne Molesky 39:12
  3. Imagining Lean Biotech - D.J. Kleinbaum 40:58
  4. Modern Analytics: How to Think About Event Data - Michelle Wetzler 40:35
  5. Creating a Sustainable Lean Startup - William Pietri 39:38
  6. Think Anew, Act Anew - Dave Snowden 1:35:06