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Growing an Innovative Culture - Joanne Molesky

The key to understanding lean thinking is that it is primarily a human system. It?s easy to focus on specific practices and techniques such as kanban, but unless all people in your organization cultivate the right mindset, you'll never be able to optimize the end-to-end processes to improve results at the organizational level.

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  1. Risk Modeling for Lean Startup Teams - Sam McAfee 38:54
  2. Growing an Innovative Culture - Joanne Molesky 39:12
  3. Imagining Lean Biotech - D.J. Kleinbaum 40:58
  4. Modern Analytics: How to Think About Event Data - Michelle Wetzler 40:35
  5. Creating a Sustainable Lean Startup - William Pietri 39:38
  6. Think Anew, Act Anew - Dave Snowden 1:35:06