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Imagining Lean Biotech - D.J. Kleinbaum

Many of the issues dogging the life science industry result from decades spent focusing on products instead of process. This talk will cover how this has caused many of the current obstacles the industry faces, particularly in the context of start-up pharma and biotech companies.

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  1. Risk Modeling for Lean Startup Teams - Sam McAfee 38:54
  2. Growing an Innovative Culture - Joanne Molesky 39:12
  3. Imagining Lean Biotech - D.J. Kleinbaum 40:58
  4. Modern Analytics: How to Think About Event Data - Michelle Wetzler 40:35
  5. Creating a Sustainable Lean Startup - William Pietri 39:38
  6. Think Anew, Act Anew - Dave Snowden 1:35:06