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Eliminating Budgets to Enable Lean Management - Kevin Meyer

A medical device company was several years into a lean transformation when conventional accounting practices such as annual budgeting and standard costing began to create barriers and be recognized as wasteful processes in their own right. After learning about Beyond Budgeting, the President, Kevin Meyer, decided it was time to change. This session will discuss that change, including short-term and long-term issues that were resolved, and how it fit into a long term lean transformation effort.

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  1. Beyond Budgeting: An Agile Management Model and Case Study - Bjarte Bogsnes 1:25:20
  2. Moving Beyond Budgets to Create More Agile, Adaptive Organizations - Steve Player 40:20
  3. Why HOLT CAT Eliminated Budgets and How It Made Us Successful - Gretchen Stepke 39:12
  4. Using Self-Directed Teams to Engage and Empower - Doug Kirkpatrick 43:11
  5. Eliminating Budgets to Enable Lean Management - Kevin Meyer 34:34
  6. Beyond Cost Transparency: Developing and Applying IT Cost Knowledge - Steve Adams 38:08