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Lean and Six Sigma principles can be leveraged in virtually any industry, and healthcare is no exception. From maximizing operating room usage, to improving communication between doctors and nurses, to reducing medical supply waste and ER wait times, there are countless ways that continuous improvement can have a profound impact on your facility.

Our engaging video-based curriculum teaches you how to remove the struggle so you can focus on what matters most: the patients.

What Can Lean and Six Sigma Do for You?

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Lean improvements don’t have to be drastic to yield impressive results.

The Endoscopy team at Franciscan Health in Indianapolis noticed that their patients were struggling to swallow the nasty liquid required for an already uncomfortable probe procedure. A simple switch to applesauce not only greatly increased patient satisfaction, but now saves the organization $30,000 annually.

Customer Success

Whether you're a small private practice, a hospital network, or a nonprofit organization, we will work with you to find a subscription package that best meets your needs. Some of our healthcare customers have included:

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