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3P Production Preparation Process

One of the most trans­for­ma­tive tools in the Lean method­ol­o­gy, 3P goes beyond grad­ual improve­ments, instead aim­ing for out-of-the-box changes with a big impact.

3P stands for pro­duc­tion, prepa­ra­tion, process” and describes the first in a series of three Lean design stages. Lean design also includes rapid idea test­ing and embed­ding Lean tools and prin­ci­ples into work­space design and inter­nal processes.

This Lean 3P train­ing is designed for learn­ers who already have expe­ri­ence with Lean prac­tices like Kaizen, Prac­ti­cal Prob­lem-Solv­ing, and 5S. Here’s a quick look at the curriculum.

What You’ll Learn in This 3P Preparation Process Online Training Course

Filmed in front of a live audi­ence, Gem­ba Academy’s 3P train­ing course is led by Mike Wrob­lews­ki, a senior con­sul­tant at the Kaizen Institute.

In this series, you’ll get to know 3P best prac­tices, appli­ca­tions, and prob­lem-solv­ing meth­ods as they relate to the design of a new health­care facility.

That said, 3P is indus­try-agnos­tic and lessons learned here can be used in any work envi­ron­ment. Mike goes over:

  • The 3P process and how it fits with­in the big-pic­ture Lean method­ol­o­gy, whether you’re design­ing con­sumer prod­ucts, pro­duc­tion lines, or the blue­print for a new med­ical facility.
  • The crit­i­cal impor­tance of gain­ing a deep under­stand­ing of the cus­tomer before work­ing through the 3P process.
  • The Sev­en Flows of Health­care, basic 3P steps, and data col­lec­tion methods.
  • How to use Moon­shin­ing, Mock­ups, and Gap Analy­sis to find the best pos­si­ble design.
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Benefits of the Gemba Academy 3P Preparation Process Training Course

By the end of this 3P train­ing course, par­tic­i­pants will learn how to rein­vent process­es from the bot­tom up to achieve game-chang­ing results across a broad range of ini­tia­tives, regard­less of industry.

Before get­ting start­ed with this course series, it’s worth men­tion­ing that 3P is one of the more advanced Lean tools. As such, less-expe­ri­enced prac­ti­tion­ers may want to begin their Lean jour­ney at the begin­ning, with fun­da­men­tals like 5S, Kaizen, or the Sev­en Dead­ly Wastes.

Gem­ba Academy’s self-guid­ed School of Lean and Six Sig­ma pro­gram offers the fol­low­ing ben­e­fits to all sub­scribers, no mat­ter what kind of knowl­edge they bring to the table.

  • On-demand Access

    247 access to our video library, fea­tur­ing 1,500+ on-demand Lean & Six Sig­ma lessons. Sub­scribers also receive access to our Gem­ba Acad­e­my Live! vir­tu­al tours and pre­sen­ta­tions that show­case real Lean trans­for­ma­tions in action across all sectors.

  • Cost Effec­tive

    Sub­scrip­tions are billed per site, not per seat. One account sup­ports unlim­it­ed users from a sin­gle loca­tion, whether it’s 10, 100, or 10,000 employees.

  • Real-world Train­ing

    Gem­ba Acad­e­my train­ing con­tent is based on our experts’ real-world expe­ri­ence. Each video clocks in around 10 min­utes and offers prac­ti­cal advice, and you gain access to sup­ple­men­tal tem­plates, quizzes, and work­sheets to rein­force knowl­edge and imme­di­ate­ly put new con­cepts to work.