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What to Expect During a Gemba Walk

Embark­ing on a gem­ba walk can be intim­i­dat­ing for both the actu­al par­tic­i­pants and the employ­ees being observed. Gem­ba Acad­e­my Co-Founder Ron Pereira shares some best prac­tices regard­ing get­ting start­ed, what kind of ques­tions to ask, and more.

  • 0:55 — The three key parts of a gem­ba walk routine
  • 1:29 — Get­ting off to a good start
  • 1:47 — Putting peo­ple at ease
  • 2:41 — Observ­ing the over­all process
  • 3:05 — Exam­ple ques­tions to ask
  • 6:47 — Bring­ing the gem­ba walk to a close

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