What is Value Stream Mapping?

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Uncover Process Efficiency with Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a vital lean management tool designed to visually represent the flow of materials and information necessary to deliver a product or service to the customer. This method allows an in-depth analysis of the current state and guides in the design of an improved future state for a product's journey from inception to customer delivery.

Key Benefits of Value Stream Mapping

Using Value Stream Mapping provides a unified language for discussing processes and related decisions. The notable benefits include a comprehensive understanding of the entire process, easy identification of waste, visualization of workflow bottlenecks, and strategic planning for process improvement.

The Value Stream Mapping Process

The process begins with the selection of a product or product family. The team then maps the "current state", detailing every step, information flow, and delays. After analyzing this state and identifying waste, they draft a "future state" map visualizing how the improved process should operate. The final step is to develop an action plan for transitioning from the current to the future state.

Learning More About Value Stream Mapping

Enhance your understanding of Value Stream Mapping by reading "Learning to See: Value Stream Mapping to Add Value and Eliminate Muda" by Mike Rother and John Shook. Furthermore, Gemba Academy offers an in-depth course detailing how to map your value stream's current state, design an improved future state, and undertake a step-by-step transformation of your value streams.

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