What is a Functional Deployment Map?

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A Functional Deployment Map, often known as a Swim Lane Map or Cross-Functional Flowchart, is a visual tool designed to display the roles and responsibilities within a process. It organizes process steps into specific "lanes" based on function or role.

4 Benefits of Using a Swim Lane Map:

Utilizing a Swim Lane Map offers several advantages:

  1. Clarity of Responsibilities: Clearly outline who is responsible for each step.
  2. Detect Bottlenecks: Easily spot areas that might slow down your process.
  3. Highlight Communication Issues: Improve teamwork by identifying gaps in communication between departments or roles.
  4. Understand Process Flow: Get a clear view of how tasks move across multiple departments.

Who Should Use this Visual Tool?

This tool is a must for process improvement teams, particularly when processes overlap different departments. It promotes better understanding and collaboration. Including members from each involved role ensures the map's accuracy and effectiveness.

3 Steps to Create Your Swim Lane Map:

The process is simple:

  1. Define the roles or departments - your "lanes."
  2. Identify each step they are involved in.
  3. Map the flow of the process, ensuring it transitions smoothly between these lanes.

Deepen Your Knowledge of Cross-Functional Mapping

For those eager to learn more about functional deployment mapping or cross-functional mapping, "The Basics of Process Mapping" by Robert Damelio is a highly recommended resource.

Gemba Academy: Elevating Your Process Skills

Gemba Academy offers a comprehensive online training course on business process mapping, emphasizing the practical use of swim lane maps.

In Conclusion

Remember, a Swim Lane Map is more than just a tool—it's a practical way to visualize and optimize process steps across various roles or departments. Adopting this approach will bring clarity, highlight potential areas of concern, and set the foundation for effective process improvement.

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