How to Get Executive Buy-in for Lean Initiatives

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Without senior leadership support, an organization cannot fully embrace lean practices. But don't worry, there are ways to implement lean in your organization. Here are three potential ways:

  1. Create demand for Continuous Improvement by bringing lean into your organization, starting in a small area, and demonstrating the cost and time savings, efficiencies, and increased morale. Report improvements made during each month to your leadership.
  2. Become the top manager committed to Lean. Focus on changing yourself and helping others along the way.
  3. Engage a peer executive from another firm who is a strong believer and practitioner in Lean to influence your leadership. Peer-to-peer influence and education can be one of the most powerful demonstrations of lean at work.

By engaging in conversations about lean and continuous improvement, its benefits will become evident over time, creating the perfect environment for senior leadership to embrace lean practices. Use these countermeasures to get executive buy-in for continuous improvement initiatives.