How to Use the 90-day Lean Roadmap

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Master Lean Six Sigma with Gemba Academy's 90-Day Lean Roadmap

Interested in Lean Six Sigma methodologies? Look no further. Gemba Academy presents the 90-Day Lean Roadmap, a unique model designed to simplify your Lean Six Sigma journey. This comprehensive guide contains all you need to initiate your Lean Management System effectively.

The 90-Day Lean Roadmap Explained

The 90-Day Lean Roadmap from Gemba Academy is your key to a successful lean deployment. By focusing on a pilot area and learning from its progress over the initial 90 days, this Lean Roadmap equips you to refine your Lean Six Sigma implementation strategies, ensuring they suit different levels of your organization.

Defining Roles in Lean Transformation

A Lean Six Sigma transformation demands clear understanding of each team member's roles. With Gemba Academy's Lean Roadmap, you will be able to define how team members can create value for customers and continuously improve processes. It also outlines how leaders can best mentor, teach, and inspire their teams.

Milestones in Lean Six Sigma Transformation

Our 90-Day Lean Roadmap highlights key Lean Six Sigma milestones. These include change management, continuous improvement, Gemba walks, lean management supporting lean production systems, and continuous improvement strategies driven by your team members and associates.

Developing a Timeline for Lean Deployment

Effective Lean Six Sigma deployment necessitates a well-structured timeline. Gemba Academy's Lean Roadmap outlines specific tasks for senior leaders, supervisors, and associates, ensuring they are achieved within set timeframes. Remember, in Lean Six Sigma, the sequence of events often holds more value than the exact timing.

Visualizing Your Lean Six Sigma Journey

The Lean Roadmap encourages transparency and teamwork through visual representation of the Lean transformation. By creating a swim lane diagram, you can make task assignments clear and easily trackable, helping to effectively illustrate workload and progress in your Lean Six Sigma journey.

The Lean Learning Path

One of the key components of the 90-Day Lean Roadmap is the Lean Learning Path. This pathway is carefully crafted to align with Gemba Academy's lean learning content. There are three suggested paths: one for senior leaders, one for supervisors, and another for associates. These paths help your team understand and implement new methods in your Lean Six Sigma transformation.

The Value of Learning Sessions in Lean Six Sigma

Learning sessions play an invaluable role in Lean Six Sigma transformation. Regular interactions with your team members can foster open conversations and address questions integral to the learning process. Not only does this aid in developing an understanding of Lean Six Sigma, but it also provides clarity on the direction of the organization and leadership's intentions.


With Gemba Academy's 90-Day Lean Roadmap, you're equipped to embark on your Lean Six Sigma journey with confidence. Remember, Lean Six Sigma is all about progress over perfection and learning from the opportunities that arise. So, let's begin this journey together, the right way.