Create a Lean Learning Path

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In lean management, mapping out a lean journey can be challenging due to uncertainty and confusion. However, successful lean companies combat this through education and crafting learning paths for everyone in their organization. To create effective learning paths, there are three parameters to follow.

  1. First, learning paths must be supported by goals and purpose.
  2. Second, they must allow participants to learn new concepts by applying them through practical experience.
  3. Third, the learning path should gear towards improving the organization through the development of people.

To illustrate, various popular learning paths exist from associate to leader levels in an organization. Everyone should complete the Lean Associate path, while team leaders, supervisors, knowledge workers, and continuous improvement specialists can move on to the Lean Champion path. Managers and senior leaders can complete the Lean Leader path. Regardless of position, everyone should be encouraged to complete the Lean Leader path if desired.

While it takes effort, dedication, and time to complete these paths, each path will help bring the organization to a higher level of continuous improvement. If you're interested in exploring recommended paths or even customizing your own learning paths, ask your customer success team for guidance. With these insights, you can create effective learning paths for your organization's lean journey.