Learning about Obeya concepts can be a difficult task. However, we have curated some Obeya resources for you to get started with this lean thinking concept.

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What is an Obeya?

Obeya is a method of communication, cross-functional cooperation, and decision-making. An obeya process specifies the space, time, and visual organization of information. Obeya is a Japanese word for “a large room” that has been set up with a specific purpose, such as to share information about a project, product development status or the overall business operation. Creating a routine to meet in a space with key information visualized on the wall exposes assumptions, reduces duplication and defects of information, develops consensus, and enables teams to make decisions faster.

Obeya Essentials Online Video Training

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Examples of Daily Huddles

The daily huddle, sometimes called a stand-up meeting or daily stand, is an opportunity to align all departments on objectives.

Below are some examples of how others are performing these meetings.

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