Training Within Industry (TWI)

Training Within Industry, or TWI for short, is a set of three hands-on, "go to gemba" style training methodologies developed by the United States TWI Service at the beginning of World War II. Due to the war effort, the US lost most of their skilled workforce to military service, while at the same time it saw massive increased demand for new and existing product production. This created a problem to solve that many of us still face today. How do you rapidly train an unskilled workforce in as little time as possible, while at the same time reducing scrap and increase production? The answer is three sets of proven, efficient training methodologies.

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Job Instruction (JI)

Job Instruction is the best method to rapidly train people in new skills, while minimizing defects and downtime. Our JI course is available in two editions:

TWI JI for Facilitators Course is for trainers who are preparing to deliver their own, hands-on, 5-day JI course.

TWI JI for Learners Course is for you to present to your learners, during your own 5-day JI course.

Job Relations (JR)

Is there a system to learn how to be a leader of people? Job Relations is a framework to develop leaders and avoid workplace problems. Our JR course is available in two editions:

TWI JR for Facilitators Course is for trainers who want to teach managers about the benefits of JR.

TWI JR for Learners Course is for you to present to your learners during your own JR training sessions.

Job Methods (JM)

Job Methods is a systematic way to teach supervisors how to break down jobs into steps in order to make improvements. This was the beginning of the Kaizen movement.

TWI Job Methods Course

Free TWI Training Videos

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TWI Podcasts

Gemba podcast 107 patrickgraupp

How to Leverage TWI

Patrick Graupp, Senior Master Trainer at the TWI Institute gives an overview of TWI including a breakdown of the three TWI methods.

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Gemba podcast 149 jamieparker

How to Teach TWI

Hear from avid lean thinker Jamie Parker on her experiences with a live Job Instruction class.

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Gemba podcast 152 brandonskip

TWI, Kata ,and Respect for People

Skip Steward and Brandon Brown share their experiences with both TWI and Kata as it relates to Baptist Memorial Health Care's Lean journey.

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Gemba podcast 157 rogerbilas

Using Brain Science to Understand TWI

A live talk by TWI expert trainer Roger Bilas, learn why the three TWI components (JI,JR,JM) are done the way they are.

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Gemba podcast 212 brandonbrown

How to Combine TWI, Kata, and a Kaizen Event

Hear frequent podcast guest Brandon Brown explain how he combined elements of TWI, Toyota Kata, and kaizen events into his "Get Better Jump Start" system.

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Gemba Academy Live!

Our Gemba Academy Live! series is an exclusive look inside the best Lean thinking companies and conferences. We have more great TWI content collected as part of this series.

TWI at Aluminum Trailer Company

Go to the gemba at Aluminum Trailer Company, a premier manufacturer. At the time this was filmed they were 4 years into their Lean journey, and 1 year into TWI. See and hear firsthand accounts of how their factory, people, and processes were transformed.

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TWI Summit 2017

The 2017 TWI Summit, put on by Lean Frontiers, had 8 presentations and we were there to capture it. Hear how others' TWI journeys have gone, their successes and failures. You'll also hear how to communicate the value of TWI to CEOs and HR.

Watch Now

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