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Technical Support

  • System Requirements

    The following are general system requirements.   Broadband internet connection Standard Definition video (SD): Minimum sustained download speed of 1.5 Mbps required for no buffering High…

    Updated: Aug 7, 2018 4:54:14 PM

  • Videos will not play

    Our videos use HTML 5 embedding and .mp4 encoding.  Here are the most common reasons videos fail to playback and how you can fix it. Video Files are blocked by firewall or proxy In corporate environments,…

    Updated: Aug 7, 2018 4:54:14 PM

  • Clearing Browser Cache

    From time to time your web browsing might start to seem slower than usual, or you might be experiencing intermittent errors from websites that usually work.  If so, it may be time to clear browser cache.…

    Updated: Aug 7, 2018 4:54:14 PM

  • Can I download the videos or watch them offline?

    No, the videos are only available via online streaming. As the videos are recorded in high definition, the video files are very large but are optimized for delivery over the internet.  Additionally, we frequently…

    Updated: Aug 7, 2018 4:54:14 PM

  • Why do videos pause or stutter?

    When videos sometimes pause, stutter or "buffer", it is caused by the speed of your Internet connection and / or the processing power of your computer. Most Internet videos are simultaneously downloaded and…

    Updated: Aug 7, 2018 4:54:14 PM

  • How are the videos delivered?

    Delivering high definition video requires high bandwidth, which can be geographically sensitive. Gemba Academy takes advantage of a globally distributed, highly available content delivery network (CDN), optimized to…

    Updated: Aug 7, 2018 4:54:14 PM

  • Why do some videos play and some do not?

    If some videos play for you, and some do not, it is likely a  file size download limitation of your network connection.  Check with your IT department to see if you are rate limited in any way.Limited hard…

    Updated: Aug 7, 2018 4:54:14 PM

  • Videos no longer available

    Occasionally we will remove videos that are either no longer relevant, or perhaps even they were asked to be removed by a customer or partner.This is a rare occurrence and one we try to avoid, but sometimes it is…

    Updated: Aug 7, 2018 4:54:14 PM

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