Videos will not play

Our videos use HTML 5 embedding and .mp4 encoding. Here are the most common reasons videos fail to playback and how you can fix it.

Video Files or Resources are blocked by firewall or proxy

In corporate environments, sometimes IT policy will be to block video files from the internet. In this case you will need to work with your IT department to get mp4 and m3u8 files unblocked from the firewall or proxy.

Additionally, some internet resources that are required for our video player to load may be blocked as well. Some common error codes for this will be 202011 or 224003.

The following domains must be whitelisted for proper video playback:

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

Browser is not compatible

Try using a different internet browser to view our videos. We are compatible with the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Check your internet browser

If you don't have a different browser and cannot / will not install a new one, make sure you have the latest updates for your browser installed. Check your browsers help documents on how to update your browser.

Slow or insufficient bandwidth

Streaming online video is a bandwidth intensive operation. Please check your internet speed and verify it is sufficient for online video playback. A speed of 1.5 mbps or higher should result in a smooth video experience.

Check your internet speed

Browser Cache

Occasionally your browser cache needs to be cleared for videos to start working properly again. Follow this article for more.

Bandwidth Limited by Corporate Network

Some corporate networks limit the amount of streaming video a person can watch in a given time period. You will need to work with your IT department to to reset or upgrade your daily bandwidth quota.

None of this

Contact us and give us as much detail as possible including:

  • What error messages are you receiving?
  • What browser and browser version are you using?