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Creating an I-MR Chart in Minitab

In this video you'll learn how to create an I-MR Chart in Minitab as well as how to recalculate control limits once a change has been made to the process.

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  1. SPC Introduction 8:09
  2. Creating Control Charts with Minitab Assistant 3:26
  3. The I-MR Chart 6:55
  4. Creating an I-MR Chart in Minitab 4:37
  5. Creating an I-MR Chart in SigmaXL 4:29
  6. The Xbar-R&S Charts 6:33
  7. Creating Xbar-R&S Charts in Minitab 5:11
  8. Creating Xbar-R Charts in SigmaXL 2:44
  9. The P & NP Chart 6:54
  10. Creating a P & NP Chart in Minitab 3:14
  11. Creating a P Chart in SigmaXL 1:54
  12. The U & C Chart 5:28
  13. Creating a U & C Chart in Minitab 8:26
  14. Creating a U Chart in SigmaXL 2:15

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