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Coaching Daily Management

The Daily Management System gives the leader many opportunities to see the status of performance, identify issues, and direct or support their team’s improvement. The long-term success of Daily Management relies on building a continuous improvement culture, and this begins with developing people. Learn how coaching provides a simple and repeatable structure for engaging people in constructive dialogue to improve performance while developing your team’s individual skills and capabilities.

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  1. Coaching Daily Management 11:07
  2. Tips for Coaching Through Leader Standard Work 06:20
  3. Example Role Play of Leader Standard Work Coaching 04:03
  4. The Coaching Kata: A Routine for Learning to Coach the Improvement Kata 07:09
  5. Introducing the Coaching Cycle 07:34
  6. Storyboards and the Coaching Cycle Part 1 01:42
  7. Practicing the Coaching Cycle Part 2 13:09

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