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Facilitation Skill #4: Active Listening

A facil­i­ta­tor must be good at get­ting peo­ple orga­nized, giv­ing clear instruc­tions, work­ing on the right activ­i­ties, and keep­ing the agen­da mov­ing on time. How­ev­er, if a facil­i­ta­tor does these things mechan­i­cal­ly, it’s easy for peo­ple to feel that the process is mov­ing too fast or with­out their input. Facil­i­ta­tors can use active lis­ten­ing to let par­tic­i­pants know they are being heard and under­stood. Learn the three behav­iors facil­i­ta­tors prac­tice for active listening.

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