Gemba Talk

The most frequently asked questions about lean, six sigma, and other continuous improvement tools and methodologies are answered in our free Gemba Talk series! Do you have a question you'd like to see answered? Let us know!

How do I get started with Lean?

In this Gemba Talk, Ron Pereira walks through 3 things to help you jump start your lean journey. He also talks about which of the "5S's" is the hardest.

How much does a lean journey cost?

Before embarking on a lean journey, any executive or business owner will ask "how much will this cost me?". This very valid question is answered in this episode of our Gemba Talk series. Note, this is not a commercial for Gemba Academy training, but a free resource for anyone to use who is interested in continuous improvement.


We lean thinkers love talking about time… there’s cycle time, lead time, and, of course, everyone’s favorite - takt time. Sure it can get confusing, but by the end of this Gemba Talk you’ll be perfectly in step with all three of them.