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Top 3 Benefits of a Enterprise Subscription

  1. Consistency of training is the bed rock of any lean transformation.  When all of your associates are on board and on the same message your journey will accelerate!
  2. Developing your own training is time consuming and takes away from developing your people.  We'll develop the training, you develop your people.
  3. Imagine the cost savings of a Gemba Academy subscription vs. hiring consultants at each of your locations.  Our training content and customer success team is like having on demand consultants available to everyone!

Enterprise Pricing

How much does Gemba Academy cost?  A lot less than you think!

# of SitesLearning Library
per site, per year
Learning System
per site, per year
LMS Integration
1$1,995 usd$4,995 usd
2-10$1,695.75 usd$4,245.75 usdcontact us15% off
11-25$1,496.25 usd$3,746.25 usdcontact us25% off
26+contact uscontact uscontact us
School of Lean & Six Sigma
Gemba Academy Live!
Quizzes and Supporting Files
HD quality video
Subtitles in multiple languages
Virtual support & coaching (email / phone)
Individual logins
Custom Learning Paths
Tracking & Reporting

** Features dependent on your company's LMS capabilities

Which plan will you choose?  

​Gemba Academy Learning System

Do you need to track training for compliance or HR purposes?  Do you not have an existing learning management system (LMS) or aren't happy with it?  Our Learning System may be what you need.

Top 3 benefits of the Learning System

  1. Track your associates training progress using simple reporting tools.
  2. Custom learning paths can streamline training materials to meet your goals.
  3. You don't need your own infrastructure or IT help to deploy training.

Do you have your own LMS?

Do you already have your own Learning Management System (LMS)?  Expand your current training offering with a Gemba Academy subscription.  Why spend time and effort creating your own Continuous Improvement training modules?  We have done the hard work for you!

Gemba Academy training has been successfully integrated into Success Factors, Cornerstone, Alchemy, Moodle, Sharepoint and more!

Top 3 benefits of a LMS deployment

  1. Get the most out of your current LMS investment by integrating our training directly into your existing systems.
  2. Use your associates existing corporate log in credentials.
  3. Supplement your existing training to build your educational catalog

Customer Success Team

Our success is measured by our customers success. As part of your subscription, a Gemba Academy CI coach can help you in your journey.

At Gemba Academy we’re more than just videos. Your subscription also includes support from our experienced lean practitioners.

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