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Non-Linear Regression

In this video you'll learn how to perform Regression with non linear data by fitting Quadratic and Cubic models to the data. And while this sounds hard the Minitab Assistant does all the heavy lifting for us!

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  1. Correlation & Simple Linear Regression 13:22
  2. Performing Correlation & Simple Linear Regression in Minitab 18 07:47
  3. Performing Correlation & Simple Linear Regression in SigmaXL 5:51
  4. Non-Linear Regression 4:20
  5. Performing Non-Linear Regression in Minitab 18 06:17
  6. Performing Non-Linear Regression in SigmaXL 2:08
  7. Multiple Regression 9:30
  8. Multiple Regression in Minitab 18 12:40
  9. Multiple Regression in SigmaXL 7:29

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