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Introduction to Process Capability

In this video we introduce the concept of Process Capability including a discussion on the difference between the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of the Process. You'll also learn what the 5 key Process Capability Indices are.


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  1. Introduction to Process Capability 5:42
  2. Process Capability Analysis 9:55
  3. Process Capabilty Analysis in Minitab 18 05:00
  4. Process Capability Analysis in SigmaXL 3:29
  5. Performance & Sigma Values 4:14
  6. Calculating Sigma Values in Minitab 18 07:20
  7. Non-Normal Data Capability Analysis 7:48
  8. Non-Normal Data Capability Analysis in Minitab 18 11:50
  9. Non-Normal Data Capability Analysis in SigmaXL 5:10

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