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How to Use a P‑M Analysis Storyboard

Visu­al dis­play boards are effec­tive tools for teams to orga­nize, com­mu­ni­cate, mon­i­tor per­for­mance, and fol­low-up on improve­ment activ­i­ties. The P‑M analy­sis sto­ry­board helps us show the work we do to find the caus­es of a prob­lem phe­nom­e­non, elim­i­nate the caus­es, and sus­tain the results. Learn the typ­i­cal design of this sto­ry­board, how its sec­tions relate to the eight steps of P‑M analy­sis and the sev­en guide­lines for using this tool effectively.

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