Resources and Benefits

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There are many online training options available today, so why choose Gemba Academy?

Site Based Subscriptions

One site, one price. All Gemba Academy subscriptions are sold on a per site basis, meaning every associate at one site can access Gemba Academy training with a single subscription. We are the most affordable, and scalable, lean and six sigma training provider in the world. We also offer multi-site, Enterprise solutions for larger companies.

Real Practitioners, Real World Insight

Get real with Gemba Academy. If you’re looking for real-world practitioners with practical insight and an informal teaching style, Gemba Academy is for you. Our training videos consist of real Lean & Six Sigma practitioners presenting information back to the student in a conversational manner. No cartoons, actors, or death by powerpoint!

Perhaps the best way to describe Gemba Academy is to say that we’re Continuous Improvement Practitioners who learned how to make concise, highly engaging, training videos. Our training is based on years of real world experience and ongoing engagement with companies of all sizes across the globe.

Strong Content Development You Can Trust

Experts on Demand. Three leading providers of business transformation knowledge launched Gemba Academy in 2009 with the goal of offering effective and affordable on-demand training.

Your subscription continues to add value over time. Our library grows every year, and your subscription automatically includes the latest content at no extra charge!

Lean Learning

How do adults learn most effectively? After much experimentation and research, Gemba Academy has learned that adults learn best in 8 to 10 minute bursts which is precisely why most of our videos last no longer than 10 minutes. With this said, a 10 minute video is equivalent to a 35 to 40 minute live presentation. Due to the nature of web video, there is zero waste in the learning process resulting in the ultimate lean learning experience.